Welcome to our blog!

This is and will be (hopefully!) our family’s story of moving to an island in Scotland (somewhere! Ireland!) from Derbyshire, and everything that goes with it, amongst other thoughts and stories.


If you go back to the start of our blog and read, we give our stories so far, our God testimonies and various ponderings. We hope you enjoy this. I (Cathy) have found through this a rediscovered love of words, the word and writing, I love it. I also love interacting with people so please feel free to comment, message, ask questions or just read!

The following scripture is from Revelation 3:20 and reveals what Jesus heart is like:

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.

This is what he did and does with us and it is what I pray everyone entering this site discovers. He is the best, the most exciting, the one and only God, the reason why we are all here, the reason for living.

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!


First day in Ireland

We’ve been busy today. Chris has been sorting the immersion and fires and lots of other things and we now have hot water and two fires on. I’ve been cleaning and cleaning with more cleaning to do. It’s quite satisfying!

Sorry, only two pictures so far due to being pretty busy, Which are below:

Rainy view from the front door. There are sheep in the field over the road too and Chris has met one of the neighbours, who helped him unstick our little car from the mud.

The boys in the living room (the warmest room at the moment). I think they were warmer than I was last night, they slept really well, anyway. Every time I do something J doesn’t like he yells “I want to live in a proper house” (he seems very happy most of the time). He was running around squeaking with joy yesterday. It was really funny.

So I’m writing this in the car, we’ve just been to get more coal. I can’t believe how friendly the fella at the agricultural stores was, he was great, he knew where our house was and that it had a new roof on it. We are now off to get some shopping. I’m having problems using 3G in the cottage, so posts/contact may be a bit random for a while, but there will most definitely be posts!

Bye for now.


We’re here!

This was from yesterday evening, it wouldn’t let me publish then.

Well we are here! In our new home in Ireland. This is a quick one because I’m pretty tired. I think I’ve been awake since 2 ish. It was a good journey. We just made check in for the ferry. We had two cars, rammed with our things. Chris did amazing actually getting it all in.

Both boys were sick on the boat, thankfully we weren’t and they seemed to settle after a while. Tip – get a cabin – brilliant for 30 quid. And you have your own little washroom.

I have to admit. I didn’t really like driving from Dublin very much. I did that panic thing with one of the the toll roads and ended up trying to cross a few lanes because I’d got in the wrong one. Yes, I was the one straddled between lanes, panicking. Haha. I’d got used to it by the third one.

We got to the cottage around 5 ish I think and we have power! (And we’ve eaten). We’ve got the air beds blown up in the front room and a fire on, the boys are asleep and it’s much warmer than I expected. (Thanks to Chris for getting the fire started and a friend for giving us some coal so we’d be able to light a fire on the first night).

The cottage is different to how I remembered it, but different in a good way. A bit roomier, it has a nice feel. But I think that’s down to God getting here before us and being with us. It was prophesied over us last week that He would warm the house and we feel he has, both physically and spiritually. (although there are still stacks and stacks of things to do).

I went to fetch the keys from Ballinamore earlier and went over some spectacular moors and mountains. I didn’t manage to get any photos but I’ll try over the next few weeks.

Good Night. God bless.

Busy few days…

It’s been a very busy few days, hence the lack of blogging. I thought I’d packed most things, but then realised on Tuesday, just how much we had to do! It was a horrible day but we did it.

The removals firm came on Wednesday and took everything. The men were brilliant! They worked so quickly and manoeuvred everything through our porch )something we’ve never been able to do.

it was a really weird day of trying to keep the kids under control and occupied whilst all the stuff got taken to the lorry. It was worth it though. This is Chris in our empty house:

and this is baby in our almost empty house:

last night Chris and I had a curry picnic with our friend Simon. We’ve been having food nights once a week for at least the last few weeks and it’s been brilliant. We’ve had fish and chips, lasagne, ice cream, a crisp night, and finally curry. We will miss you Simon!

Messages from our friends have been so lovely and we got a phone call last night which especially blessed us because she was just so excited, so encouraging and just so thoughtful, ringing us like that. Especially saying that God has us in this. So thank you x

Today is a day of cleaning up, throwing out, clearing up lose ends, seeing parents. It’s gonna be a busy one. Will be good at the end though. So, better go now. Ferry in the morning!

It was our Last Sunday at Church in the Peak today…

I’ve been there ten years, ever since I was saved and Chris has been there about 5 1/2 years. They’re my/our family. They’ve been with me/us through all sorts of life changes and us with them. That’s probably why we still feel part of it, despite the fact we’re going to Ireland on Friday.

Another reason (the main reason) is that Scripture says that God sets the lonely into families (Psalm 68:6) and so he did with me and Chris and continues to do so with many others. All you have to do is ask as he also says “ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened”. (Matthew 7:7). He is ready and eager (not just willing) for you to ask him in. Try him.

So, back to church this morning. It was great and very moving. They prayed for us, we were given words from God (God speaking through people), which were very reassuring and we have gifts too and an amazing card! So generous. Saying goodbye was such an honour. So again, thank you. You sent us off “proper”.

No time to do blokey Friday

I’m writing this having just taken my first ever Christmas cake out of the oven and with J running round blowing up boxes with a bicycle pump and littlest fastened into the high chair (they’ve just eaten).

This is my cake!

It isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough! (I have made fruit cake before), just never done the keeping and feeding with sherry before. We will take it with us next Friday and decorate it there.

We’ve had the okay to collect the cottage keys next Friday now. The big shed is packed, we are getting there! It is amazing how many of other people’s belongings I’ve found whilst sorting through our stuff. Sorry if you’re one of the ones to whom they belong! Word of advice, don’t lend me books unless you’re very good at reminding me or don’t mind a wait of a few years. 😂

We’re off out tonight with friends, then having an early Christmas Day/dinner tomorrow afternoon with my folks. All this saying goodbye is fun but strange! (Thank you for it though!)

It’s official! We have electricity

We’ve just received confirmation today that the electricity in the cottage is in fact connected. We are very pleased, we’d been planning how to live there Just in case it had been cut off so that should make it easier! Yay for solicitors who check things and yay for electricity!

So it’s just about all coming together at once now. The Irish property is ready to close, we’ve exchanged and agreed completion on our Derbyshire one, so just the packing that we are still doing. It’s quite hard with two small children. I do so much and then have to stop. And do NOT get Chris started on the shed. (It has proved to be and continues to be a big job). Although it is looking good! We still need to bring everything down from the allotment too.

Removals day is next Wednesday and then completion on the Friday. So less than a week to be ready! We will do it, it’s just a bit of a madhouse!

I might try and get a blokey shed rant tomorrow off Chris 😂.

Sink on a log (Mk 2)

A little bit more about us and where we are moving to.

The cottage we are moving to has intact stone walls and wooden framed windows, it has floors, it has a roof which seems to be in pretty good condition. It has a basin with taps and a functioning toilet in the bathroom (No bath yet). There is a basin with taps in the kitchen. There is a water supply. There are two burners to provide heat, one in the living room and one in the kitchen area and there are some radiators in the house which heat up when the stove in the kitchen area is running.

We don’t have any central heating in our current home, warming it with fires when required so radiators are a luxury.

There is also electricity in the cottage, which does need checking out but it is there! We don’t have a phone line there yet but there is good mobile phone reception.

There is a small kitchen area with a Belfast sink. All I really need apart from that is a table, cooker and a bit of storage, then jobs a good un, at least to start with. We lived for quite a while at our current address with no kitchen at all, not even a proper sink. It wasn’t easy, but it was liveable. See below:

This was our very lovely and functional sink on a log, although there is actually no sink on looking. There is a funnel. We survived. Chris is very handy.

Also, when I first purchased our current house there was no heating, just two gas fires which got condemned soon after moving in and there were aluminium framed windows. It was cold in the winter. Very cold. We just layered up in bed, had halogen heaters, at some point got a log burner put in and got on with life. We’re tough, me and my daughter. We now have insulation, two wood burners and double glazing – it’s a lot nicer (it has to be admitted).

Chris and I are under no illusions that our new life will be easy, but we will be fine and I think we will enjoy it. I and I think Chris are not made to never take risks or have hardship. We think it is worth it and we will always, always make sure we look after our kids.

for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. (2 Timothy 1:7)

The above is where we are coming from I think. God is also our dream giver and our provider. However! If anyone has any tips on how to make the cottage homey until our stuff arrives, feel free to share. We will be taking all our camping things with us (including pots and pans), air mattresses, bedding, wool blankets, warm clothes, cooker, baby bath, towels etc etc. We will have a better idea closer to the time on when the removals company will be getting to us.

Chris has also purchased something called an eco fan, which you put on top of your stove. The warmth from the stove generates electricity, causing the fan to turn which circulates the warm air around the room and house. Our house has seemed a lot warmer since using it.