You know what??…

You know what…I really don’t like getting feedback about my house….The feeling I get when my phone beeps and it says I have new feedback to review is that sinking gut feeling. What now??…What isn’t good enough now…


The simple truth is, most of the feedback has actually been ok, fairly nice really I suppose..(most anyway) and I suppose my reaction says a lot about my mindset rather than anything else. It’s just what we are selling is a small terrace, it is three bedroom, but one is a box room. It is a simple cottage style terrace, which I think is really nice. It has a gorgeous garden which Chris overhauled completely (and did a fantastic job). It has a small enclosed yard on the front. It doesn’t have any structural problems as far as we are aware. However, it just doesn’t seem to be good enough. Two of the bedrooms have rough walls as I removed woodchip quite a while ago and the carpets could do with replacing. To me, this is fairly minor, we’ve lived in it like this for a long time and it is easily remedied really. We’ve done the other rooms, so to me, again, this is good, two upstairs rooms is a project for the new owners – they can make it their own. Unfortunately, this is not how most seem to view houses now…perfection seems to be required…even on a cheap (ish) house. Although I suppose if you are buying in this price range you probably don’t have much money to spend on overhauling anything. Although that may be an assumption. I actually think this is what a lot of us expect nowadays – perfection, no work to do, ease, and if it isn’t like that we are appalled! haha.

It does have to be said, we do live a little differently, we don’t have central heating. We have two multifuel stoves that we use and it keeps the house reasonably warm. We have two small children and they never seem to be particularly cold. It is more work, it is a little more dusty maybe. But I sort of like that it is different and the work involved is interesting and sort of fun. Although to be fair, Chris does most of the heavy stuff, although I do love axing up a bit of wood, fantastic stress relief. But!!! I completely get why people want central heating, so…why don’t they just get it put in if they like the house? why is it a big deal? why does everything seem to be a big deal nowadays?

It is not that long ago that most houses did not have central heating, in fact, it is not that long ago that we didn’t even have “video recorders” (:D) or even telephones in houses, never mind mobile phones and internet. Apparently we all like “mod cons” – what are mod cons?? I’m not sure what people really like and I’m not sure the estate agents have got it right. For instance, only putting the good photographs up on the advert to get people in. I think, be honest, it is a complete waste of time getting people into your house if they think they’re getting perfection and they aren’t. You know what maybe this is out of context but Jesus came as the light and exposes everything kept in the darkness. I don’t really believe in keeping things in the dark or in lying about anything and this approach sort of makes me uncomfortable. I’m sure it will sell, I trust God with our lives and am excited and as I said before, love meeting all these different people and having them cross the threshold when they are coming to view. But I just think there’s such a lot of rubbish spoken in relation to selling your home. A personal hatred of mine is calling a room “a good space” and a house “a property”. Be real…

Another bug bear is when I’m having the viewings, I feel like I need to make the house almost like no-one is living here! Which is difficult. It is clean, clean, clean, tidy, tidy, tidy, almost making it look sterile to me, and that is not homey. Don’t people want homes? Have I got it wrong? I don’t know! But when you read the advice on making your home likely to sell, a lot of it again, seems to me like superficial stuff designed to fool people into thinking they need your house. As it has been said, we just need someone to come and fall in love with the place as I did when I visited 13 years ago. I just knew it was the right one, it was mainly the garden that did it, but I just knew I wanted it. So here’s praying someone will want it and love it like I have done. It’s not perfect, it needs a fair bit of decor sorting, but it’s got character, it is a home, it is very peaceful despite all the mayhem of family life.

My prayer is that anyone coming into this house will meet God in all his glory. I was born again in this house, in the bedroom. My two boys were born in this house, home births that I fought for in a world that seems terrified of any risk. So more new births in this place would be good. Lord, bless anyone entering this home, may they be born again into new life, your goodness and your love. And work in me, so I can love them and not rant too much.

Amen! so endeth the rant.


Children and kangaroos


just a quick lighthearted one today.  We were driving through country lanes earlier, I was listening to my three year old who was saying  “Look mummy a cow, a tractor, a big digger, I want to be a farmer..” Do you? That’s good. “Yes mummy, look, a kangaroo!” Me – is it hopping along? Three year old – yes it is mummy. On looking at him you could see he actually could see a kangaroo, he was smiling delightedly at the field looking at where the kangaroo was. Kids are brilliant.

After having a quiet time on the house front over the past week,  we now have two more viewings booked in.  Yippee. And then off to our church festival for a few days camping soon. Double yippeeeeeeeee. Heidi Baker is speaking… Oh yes!…


My husband

image.jpegI feel like I need to talk about Chris. ” an ode to Chris” ❤️

I haven’t always been and am often not what I would call a good wife, it’s been a steep learning curve on how to share my life, how to give rather than take, what it means to  love and be with someone and it’s one I’m nowhere near skilled at yet. But you know what, this is for keeps, we made a promise to each other and to God when we got married and I think if we always act from this perspective then in the long run all will be well.

I’m not always good at showing respect, I’m impatient, I expect my needs met rather than looking to what my role should be and how to love others well. And I think God is often prompting me in a kind and gentle manner saying “listen” “watch” “don’t react quite so quickly”, and I think He Says “first and foremost you are mine”, “look at me first”. I love psalm 27:8 – you have said, “Seek my face.”My heart says to you, “Your face, LORD, do I seek.” And proverbs 3:5-6 “trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and He will make straight your paths”.

We are two imperfect people attempting to do life together permanently. Because that’s the way it should be. And it’s only through Gods love and mercy and the forgiveness we have through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross that we can do this and keep forgiving and loving because of the love and forgiveness we have known through Jesus. It may not always look like that. Or feel like that. But that is how it is. Gods grace is awesome.

Chris is gentle and kind, he is hard working and thorough. He is a loving dad and has a wicked sense of humour. He is practical and can make things and fix things in a way I really don’t understand. Whatever he undertakes  he is wholehearted about it. He loves God and sometimes battles with self doubt. (He also loves rc planes and fpv) He is Chris, he is awesome, he is precious and he is loved.

When God talks about love he says if there is any excellence, look at that. I so often don’t, I so often focus on bad stuff, but that’s not Gods way and I think He is a slowly coaching me through this. I love that He gets us completely and loves us exactly how and where we are. He also loves us so much that He doesn’t just leave us there.

Night! (This is Chris’ YouTube Channel, I think he would love people to take a look) #drones #rc #aeroplanes

what to do now?….

Hi, it’s been on my mind about what this blog is really about. Yes, it’s about our potential move to Scotland and what happens there (hopefully pictures of sheep shearing for the first time and Chris falling over in the mud etc), but also, it’s about waiting, and taking each day one at a time and I think about recognising God in every single day and expecting Him to act every single day. About being close to Him and recognising Him. About acting out of His goodness and love – just like the AMAZING preach yesterday at the royal wedding.

Also, I need to recognise that my agenda is not necessarily God’s and I need to pray HIS will be done, not just mine…His agenda is the one that matters. But also, I do believe in dreams and that God gives/places dreams in you and I have wanted a smallholding type place since I was about 5 years old and so we’ll see what happens. But it is so important we listen to God and trust His timing and ways in this.

I want to enjoy my babies while they are little, I’ve wasted so much time thinking too much and worrying in the past few years. So, I want to learn to live in the moment with them when I’m with them. How to mother, how to wife! How to friend! How to be me. It was prophesied over me 5 years ago that I shouldn’t be ashamed to be the centre of attention. I think this means God’s attention and about knowing who he has made me to be. I so so often feel I have to hold myself back, and restrict my personality. In church this morning I really felt like He was speaking to me about this, about just being free to be me. The me who is in Him. Made by Him and for Him.


I love just writing His name, saying His name.

Brian and Jenn Johnson’s song Mention of your name says it all really:

At the mention of Your Name
Every chain will break
I know everything will change
Jesus, just the whisper of Your Name
Will silence wind and waves
At the mention of Your Name

(sorry if this breaks any rules for publishing, I just love it)

Bye for now.. Cathy x

Cathy’s story

Sorry for the long one! But I think it is worth the read!

215575_1042026934571_6842_n (1)
My baptism in 2008

I was saved by Jesus in June 2008. Unbeknownst to me I had started working with a Christian in my job as a community nurse for a few months. On initially finding out, I thought he just went to church for a bit of social interaction and child care, then I realised his faith was real. This shocked me, as I tended to think at that point that no-one really believed any more.

God was working in my life without me even realising it, I was a big drinker and pretty messed up in a lot of ways despite having a good reputation as a nurse and being able to cover up my problems quite well. I was always looking for the next fix, like so many people, the next thing to make me whole, to make me better and used drinking to run away from my problems and the world and hide.

I suddenly became aware of my sin, I became aware of stuff I had done wrong, I became aware that I was wrong in so so many ways but didn’t know what to do about it (and this was without the Christian even saying much to me about it, God was working). I became bothered by traumatic events from years ago and went to a counsellor. Then, my friend invited me to his baby daughter’s dedication at my now current church. It is a charismatic Christian church with a good family vibe and God’s presence amongst us.

When I walked in I was terrified, I felt like people could see into my soul and see the dirt, but also, I could sense something in the room that I didn’t understand.  I now know it was God’s presence, people were raising their hands in worship and I cried all the way through the service. I went away and wanted to return but was frightened. I was then invited back a few weeks later, kept on going for a few weeks, then I was given a Why Jesus? booklet.  I went home and curled up in bed feeling very, very low and lonely, then I kept hearing the words of a worship song over and over again – “God stepped down and lifted me up” over and over again, kept trying to remember the rest of the words and couldn’t, then decided to read the booklet and ended up praying to Jesus and rose out of bed feeling so high it was unreal. I asked my friends what had happened and they said if you meant it, then you’re a Christian.

I was so happy, I was accepted and forgiven and just lighter, I bounced around for weeks. Then came a bit of a pruning session, where things started getting sorted out, and that is ongoing. But Jesus healed me of the need to drink and smoke, He made my mind clear, He healed me of past trauma and self consciousness, He makes the whole world brighter and joyeous. He died in my place, returned me to Eden, gave me the reason for living. Jesus saved me.

“If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” – Romans 10:9 (New International Version)

If you want to know this for yourself. Please message me or pray this prayer and message me. But please do know, there is nothing you can do to make God love you any less. This is for all.

Also, please know, this does not make me think I’m perfect, I am far far from it. I make mistakes (I am terrible for yelling) and I still sin, in fact this is why I actually need Jesus. As he says Himself, the well do not need a doctor, but the sick do. God restores us and gives us a hope and a future. Please ask Him if he is there and what He has for you if you don’t yet know Him.

Lord Jesus Christ,
I am sorry for the things I have done wrong in my
life (take a few moments to ask his forgiveness for
anything in particular).
Please forgive me. I now turn from everything that
I know is wrong.
Thank you that you died on the cross for me so
that I could be forgiven and set free.
Thank you that you offer me forgiveness and the
gift of your Spirit. I now receive that gift.
Please come into my life by your Holy Spirit to be
with me forever.
Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.



Chris’ story

Hello, I will give you a little background about myself.

Jesus broke into my life about 6 1/2 years ago after I left a failed relationship and moved back in with my parents. At the time I was addicted to weed and had been for years. I made a commitment to follow him and he immediately released me from my addiction and over a little time healed my heart. I heard about local church and just felt overwhelmingly compelled to go. 

Since then Jesus has healed my bad back, saved my father (wow) rebuilt my relationship with my parents, changed me from the inside out, from a people hater into a people lover and best of all he has given me the gift of a wife to love for the rest of my days and a home of our own so no more cramping the parents style. We got married in October 2013 and are enjoying life together. Never ever ever have I been so happy in life because now I have been given life and life in abundance, thank you Lord I will love you forever and ever.

There is probably a lot more to say but I’ll leave it there for now. There is #moretocome.


Why has it gone quiet??!!

sell, sell, sell, sell, sell,……..!!!!!! aaaargh….trust in God, trust in God, trust in God……….. anyway, while we’re waiting we need to start researching sheep and sheep keeping. The one with the hair is particularly cool .

look at that dude!

We already have the dog anyway