We’ve been to Ireland over the past week, it was great, fairly busy and a little stressful but also good. The journey was ridiculously easy and the boys were brilliant to say they had never been on a plane before.


So we got there, went to get the hire car and car seats and set off, we were staying in an old school house in Leitrim. It was great! Rural, fantastic scenery and lovely, homely house to say the ceiling was so high!

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We didn’t really manage any sightseeing in particular, we looked at quite a few different houses and went back to see one particular one three times.


Quite pretty? Yes? needs a bit doing, but it has a few acres and a huge barn. It is in Leitrim, in the beautiful countryside, and the view across the road looks just like Curbar in Derbyshire.


So basically, this is the one we are going for, our offer has been accepted, we got a solicitor and a surveyor/engineer and she is going out on Tuesday to do the survey and providing that and the information the solicitor gets doesn’t throw up anything completely untoward, this is where we will be moving to!!

It all happened so quickly! On Thursday, we got a phone call to say our offer had been accepted and then we spoke to a solicitor and an engineer that same day and engaged them and the survey was arranged. They were so good! Really helpful and it all just worked together. Which is what we had prayed the night before, if it was right, for it all to work and just flow. If it was wrong, for it all just to come to a complete standstill and the door firmly shut.

So now, we have to apply for what is known as a PPS (personal public service) number, which you apparently need for living in Ireland and for buying a property and look into everything else, such as taking our cars there, the dog and cat (we will need a pet passport) and lots of other things. But this is it! We are awaiting the survey and report and then it will be almost certain that we are moving there. (providing it doesn’t need knocking down 😉 ).

It has been strange coming home, we need to get going with the sorting and packing now. We are also still waiting for the completion date on our house…so onwards! again!

The children again did really well at the airport, I got the times wrong and we were there at about half 9 in the morning when our flight wasn’t scheduled until 2.35pm. To say they spent the day there they were brill. We got complimented on them so many times, one lady said “enjoy them, it doesn’t last long”, advice we all give and also need to take notice of! I definitely do… There was I thinking they were misbehaving and got complimented about three times on how good they were. Also! if you’re thinking of leaving from the Ireland West (Knock) airport, they charge you for leaving – ten euro’s for each adult. Which is fine, but it would have been good to know in advance 😀

So here we are at home again. Feeling nervous but excited and looking into everything we need to do. Adventure time again…

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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

8 thoughts on “Ireland”

  1. The little school house with the views is stunning. So jealous i could happily live there. I’ve given you a follow to keep up with your adventures 🙂

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  2. Hey Cathy, exciting to hear about Ireland! I know we went over 10 years ago, but feel free to ask if you’ve got any questions. What will your closest town be? Praying for all the details to come together. 😊💕

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  3. This all sounds so exciting. You know I’m not a believer however, I do think fate may have played a hand in you finding this wee house. I can just imagine it painted in a bright colour with the boys’ hand painted art work on the walls. Don’t stop sharing the dream please. I love following it. Much love xx

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