So this week…

This week has been interesting… Chris had the week off and intended to get the greenhouse up, but it proved not to be as easy as we thought it would be.. He’s been working on it all week and he’s done a great job and it’s looking great but it’s been difficult.

So this week:

The jeep failed its test, so we’re down to one car at the moment.. and the jeep needs work doing. We’ve ordered the parts and Chris will have to do the work one weekend (he has quite a lot on at the moment)… If your car fails the test here, you have a month to get it retested, but it still costs 28 euro. If you take longer than a month, its the full cost and full test which I think is 55 euro. There’s NCT places that you have to go to, there’s no going to a local garage to get it tested, it has to be the official one.

The greenhouse/polytunnel (it’s a bit stronger than a normal polytunnel) proved a little complex to put up, Chris is getting there, but there was a lot more work than we first thought. He had to make his own parts for it and do some bracing etc etc..

Chris got something in his eye again and we had to go to the hospital again this morning for him to get it removed.. It’s been removed and we don’t have to go back this time, but his eye is painful.

The dog disappeared this afternoon for a bit..he took himself off for a walk and reappeared later looking all sorry for himself… See picture below.

The washing machine has broken, I keep retrying it, but it isn’t it’s off to the machines at the supermarket again this week. The ones I loved when we first got here. Until I realised they break fairly frequently haha. At least we have a drier set up now, that’s good. So we don’t have to hang around waiting for clothes to dry too.

On the plus side, the greenhouse is going to be great once it’s set up. We’ve watched quite a few Christmas films by now and are on full Christmas film tree yet though, that comes in a couple of weeks. The muppets Christmas Carol is a particular favourite at the moment. I’ve started playing my flute again and am playing with the worship band at church, playing it regularly again is really good. The weather has been cold but not rainy for the last few days. I love the frosty clear days, I’d much rather have them over the rain. The kids have been playing out more again too, because it’s been drier, which is great. I also managed to do some strimming because Chris was off and could start it, for some reason, I have problems starting the strimmer but am ok once it’s going, in fact I love using it. Chris got a photo of me for once! I’m always taking photo’s but Chris isn’t as trigger happy.

The quail are also doing quite well so far, still tiny but we still have seven and they seem healthy.

All this stuff is fine and dandy but I’m choosing to focus on Jesus much more again over the next weeks leading up to Christmas. I’m doing the reading the gospel of Luke thing, there’s 24 chapters so you can read the whole lot and finish on Christmas Eve if you read one chapter a day. I need his peace and his love and his joy and to take my days with Him, minute by minute every day. He really does change everything for the better, always, no matter what.

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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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