Bits and bats.

Well I’ve learnt a fair bit this year from planting up the greenhouse. I’ve had to thin the tomato plants out because I planted too many, too close together and I’ve removed the French beans because they were getting mildew and making that section really crowded and too damp with not enough air flow. So now the squash might start to produce something. A couple of squash rotted because it was so damp. Apart from that, things in there are pretty good. The ones I didn’t expect to do well, the brassicas, ie broccoli, turnips, sprouts, are absolutely thriving. When I first planted them I thought maybe I was making a mistake and they should be outside, but apparently not! I am gong to try to see if I can grow more peas outside though, I know it’s late but we have them left and may as well plant them.

Huge sprout plant!
It’s a beautiful day today.
J’s ‘quarry’

In other news, I have decided to start on the kitchen. Chris will almost definitely not have time to do it this year and it’s been driving me mad. So I’m slowly starting to clear and prep it for painting and tiling. So that’s going to be a slow one, but will hopefully be really nice once it’s done. There’s very, very little storage here, so I’m hoping to figure that one out too.

Chris is currently in the barn working on the car again, because it failed the retest. So he’s pretty busy with that and plenty of other things on his to do list.

It’s been too wet recently to do much weeding or work actually in the garden so I’ve tried to get some done this morning and make the most of the good weather. It was great! Still loads to do, (always) but it’s a good start.


So there it is, some snippets from our life.

The wild flower patch. It’s smaller then it looks here, but it’s great.

It’s all a lot rougher than it looks on these pictures. But we all love a pretty photo 😬

Love to you, friends and family 😊.


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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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