Ooh it’s been a lovely few days..

It has been a lovely few days, the weather this week has been really nice and a total surprise because when we looked last week, it said it would be raining this week. So it has been really good

The boys have been outside a lot, playing with water and in their ‘quarry’. The quarry is a bit of the garden on a slope, pretty much out of sight where we’ve allowed J to have a bit of freedom and he can do what he wants with it. So there’s a lot of digging, water drainage cut out in the mud, logs in certain places, water poured in regularly, messy gloriousness. (Not that I always think that, but it is really).

The quarry

We’re still not going out at all, but that’s mainly down to the fact that the jeep needs mending again at the moment, so we do not have transport while Chris is at work. But to be honest, that’s ok, I think I should actually treasure this time in a way, because I think it’ll get a lot busier over the next year or so. I realised one of the supermarket’s in Carrick on Shannon does click and collect so we’ve started doing that at the moment.

The only thing with enjoying it is I fell over last week, well about a week and a half ago, on our drive when I was coming back from the drier in the barn and hit my knee quite hard on a rock. It was pretty spectacular, the laundry basket went flying though the air into the rain and I was sprawled on the floor. It was a proper kiddy fall with scuffed, bleeding knees and everything. With me, sat there, crying and then gathering myself and getting up. Trouble is, I’m not kid sized…. I thought it would get better but it seems to be getting worse…so if you’re into it, prayers for healing would be appreciated. (Even if you’re not into it, try it, for me). It’s really painful when I’m using my knee and afterwards, to the inner side. I’ve been doing some things that I have to do, like cleaning out the chickens, housework, weeding etc but I have to stop after a short time. J is lovely if you’ve hurt yourself, he got me a plaster and put it on and everything.

I’ve also been getting foot pain quite regularly for quite a few months, but it’s worse in the mornings to both feet. The left one, I sort of expect it, it was the one that I broke the heel on and I do have some chronic pain with it, but the right heel pain is fairly new and very painful. So yes, prayer again, would be good. Thankyou.

And yes, I will see a doctor if it carries on…

Anyway, Chris is repairing the cars, he is so good with things like that. So hopefully, they will both be up and running soon.

This weather has been a real blessing. When you sit outside and listen here, it is so quiet, but blink and you miss it, it’s so easy to not hear the silence! Well, when I say silent, there’s sheep and birds and things, but it is so quiet or maybe I should say still. It’s lovely when you stop and just be in it. I think of it as actually stopping and recognising God’s presence. And we all need that.

In God we trust. To use a favourite phrase of mine ‘no matter what!’


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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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