I went to the doctors :)

So yes, I went to the doctor’s. Chris had the morning off to drive me up and look after the kids. Like everything nowadays, I didn’t know what to expect when I got there. I was told I needed to ring when I got there and it would be taken from there.

So we got there and were parked up, it was pouring down and I was sort of hovering half in and half out of the car wondering whether they’d ring back or whether they’d appear at the door, which I couldn’t see. Then I got a phone call, the doctor (a locum) asked me whether I had a temperature/fever and another question which I can’t remember, to which I obviously answered no, so he said come on up.

So I came up, the door was opened and I was gestured towards an alcohol gel hand station. So I did my hands, leant forwards slightly and my wonky glasses fell off onto the floor. The doctor made a slightly desperate gesture with his hands and said sort of half laughing, now you’ve got to pick them up and you’ve just done your hands. So I did pick them up, put them on and they promptly steamed up so I could hardly see him. Aaaah, it’s all a learning curve at the moment. My wonky glasses definitely need replacing, they fall off and steam up at every opportunity. And yes, I do tuck my mask in.

We went into the room and then my glasses fell off again, just behind the door, I was going to leave them where they were, but he said to pick them up and directed me again towards a bottle of hand gel and paper towel to wipe my glasses with… hand gel, hand gel, everywhere.

He was actually really nice, he even tried to hide a smirk when I told him how I’d hurt my knee (you know, went flying with a wash basket down by the barn). Well, he didn’t try that hard, but I sort of agreed with him really, the description is quite funny. So blah de blah de blah. My knee was examined, well both knees etc and my painful heel which I told him about whilst I was there. He decided I’d hurt one of the ligaments in my knee, but I don’t need anything else doing, yes!!!! That was what I was slightly concerned about. He said it might take quite a while for the knee to heal and that it may always be slightly dodgy, but I left with some exercises to do, some instructions and a prescription for pain killers had been emailed to the chemist. So all good really!

I keep missing the gel stations when I go into places, I’m so concerned about my mask and getting it so it doesn’t steam my glasses up and not slipping with my dodgy knee at the moment, that I forget about other things. I did it when I went into the chemist too :). Ah well, he was a great doctor, full of advice and chat. He also, didn’t like my shoes and did the ‘do you always wear these sort of shoes?’ question, haha. I was wearing Toms which are a little flat. So I’m now enjoying perusing shoes online. Thank you very much for all the shoe suggestions, people on face book and beyond.

It’s definitely a different experience at the moment, going anywhere. Interesting! to say the least.

Also, I am so pleased I didn’t have to go to have anything done or any scans or whatever, everywhere is so far apart here, I would’ve had to leave the kids in the car with Chris too whilst I was getting it all done. So whoopeeee!

Also! I’ve found I get a surprising amount in the house done when I do some things slowly and then rest the leg and then get a few more things done carefully, then have a rest. Rather than rushing around, definitely a tortoise and hare scenario. Slower time with kids is always a bonus too.

Anyway, interesting times!

(we also got to have a takeaway kebab and chips too later on, always a BIG treaty bonus.)

as Chris said ‘we are simple folk’ 😀


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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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