We’ve been on holiday!

So, firstly, hi, and secondly, my knee is better. So thankyou to anyone who prayed for me, it is very much appreciated. It has literally gone from being so painful that I couldn’t move it or use it properly and using it brought me to the point of tears, to being what appears to be totally better. So thank you God!

Thirdly, we’ve been on holiday for a week, to county Kerry. We’ve never been before and it was so good. It’s also the first time we’ve been on holiday together for about 2 1/2 years I think. It was a good break for all of us. Having a rest and spending time together really does make a big difference to everything really.

This was at Torc waterfall. There’s walks you can do around the area.

Kerry is beautiful, you seem to have a permanent backdrop of mountains, wherever you go.

We stayed near Killarney and travelled around the county a fair bit, visiting quite a few different places. Killarney itself was a little bit too busy for us but we travelled to Cork and went to Blarney Castle (where the blarney stone is), the gardens are lovely and we went to a couple of beaches near to Tralee, the best of which was in a place called Castle Gregory, it was wonderful.

I think this beach was called Banna Strand.

My happy place is often the beach anyway, the wilder the better, it was sunny when we went and windy and it was so good. The beaches stretch out for miles and are sandy and back onto sand dunes. I think it was around the bay of Tralee. The boys all loved it. It was a very beautiful place. There were a few surfers and some horse riders, but not many other people. We also got stuck in a sand drift on the road and I had to push the car, a man came to help and it got free, that was quite funny. There was a little gap between the beach and the road and the wind was continually blowing sand onto the road, it was quite deep!

I saw some wild goats too, up on the rocks at the side of the road, when we drove around the Ring of Kerry. A brief glimpse, but it made me very happy. No one else saw them either, just me. I’d said that morning that I’d love to see some and then I did.

There’s some really cool names, we stopped to get a sandwich at a place called Sneem which was on the Ring of Kerry. Don’t you just love that word? ‘Sneem’. I love travelling round and seeing new sights, We’re not really a town/city type of family any more though. Busy roads like in the middle of Killarney now do our heads in! To use a very British expression..

We’re home now and we spent Sunday cutting grass and tidying up around the gardens/barn/chickens etc (and my knee isn’t even aching!), I was mowing and Chris was strimming, the boys were playing outside mainly. It’s been good, but it’s all back to normal from today, well, as normal as it gets! so onwards.. I do feel a little sad that it’s over, but happy too, because we’ve had a really good holiday.

So, just a quick update.

Thanks for reading!


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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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