Morning person?

Generally speaking, I am not at my best first thing in a morning. I don’t like commotion and if you give me constant noise, or, heaven forbid…two people talking to me at once and I may flip. Or, alternatively, sometimes use it as an exercise in self control.

This morning was no exception, I like to start slow, then I speed up. But! the bins needed putting out and we had run out of wood and the fire needed lighting. So, I decided to separate the two wrestling boys and entice them out into the great outdoors to go and check the chickens and run about whilst I cut wood again.

As you would probably expect, as soon as we got outside, it was pretty good. It was a lot better than inside and for here, at this time of year, it was a really lovely morning.

It’s extremely soggy but it was great, the sun was shining and after chopping the wood, we took the dog on the field for a bit, throwing sticks and all that.

Then, the littlest said he wanted to go for a walk up the road. We haven’t been on a walk for ages, probably months. We’ve basically just stayed where we are, usually just going on the field. So I said yes, and off we trotted and again, it was really beautiful.

The water you can see on a couple of them is Lough Allen. It’s also very unusual around here to see a black and white cow!

The boys loved the walk and then we came home and watched something on volcanoes and then had dinner. With some wrestling in between which then got a bit much so the boys had to find something to do….

After dinner we did J’s letter and number work and then I’ve promised him we will do some craft stuff.

On mornings like this, home schooling is cool. The world really is your playground. There are always ups and downs along the day, but today I’m really glad we got outside early.

Can’t you just see God in everything? look at the sky, the land, people everything. It’s obvious, he’s there!

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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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