This is a bulletin.

I’m sat here at the dining room table at the moment, attempting to write this whilst the children are colouring. It is raining heavily today, not unusual for Ireland, but it does mean, as I’ve said before that we take advantage whenever it doesn’t. Yesterday was one of those mornings. There was a weather warning for the afternoon, so in the morning we went out to cut the wood again, see to the chickens and take the dog (and the children) for a run. It was gorgeous, windy (but I quite like that) and you could see the rain all around on the hills around us, but not yet on us.

I think I put the boys in the wrong coats looking at the photo’s haha. We’re down to the bigger logs now for axing up, so I’m going to have to use the log grenade in future. It’ll build my muscles up anyway!

At the weekend we (well I say we, mainly Chris) were continuing to build and install the shelter for the chickens. It’s been really hard work, especially for Chris, but it’s looking really good and it’ll stand up to the weather as well, which is the main point.

It’ll need painting when we’ve finished and the roof has been started and needs finishing. It’ll be great, the chickens’ food won’t get wet, they’ll have shelter from the wind and rain, there’s ventilation. It’s strong and should last years. We bought the panels for the roof, but a local farmer gave us the sheeting for the sides and it was exactly the right amount for the job. It’s almost as if God knows exactly what we need and when! (He does). It’s a lovely reminder of His provision and that He always cares about us.

We’ve also now put the pavers back, so it’s fairly dry inside too. It’s been very hard work for Chris, but he’s really glad it’s gone so well. It was a heavy thing to construct, dropping it into the holes went well despite the fact I couldn’t lift it down because I couldn’t lift it and I was scared it was going to pull me down with it. Chris gave it a shove and in it went, almost perfectly. Again, thankyou God!

Other news is that I’ve almost finished painting the kitchen and that we’ve bought some units (may be temporary, may be not, I quite like them), so that bit is done as well. Just need to tile around and behind the cookers now and add finishing touches like light shades, blinds etc. I think Chris will be tiling at some point, he has too much to do at the moment, but he will do it. I’ve never tiled and Chris will do a better job. It’s so lovely to actually have somewhere other than the top of the washing machine to put things like teabags, coffee, cooking stuff etc and when the other unit arrives, we’ll have somewhere to put the food, other than my grey plastic box. That’s on top of a chest of drawers in the dining room. Good stuff!

Having said that, I’ve just been told by J that he’s cracked the plaster board window sill in the living room. I’ve just been to look and yes he has. By standing on it.. There’s a hole …..Oh well, onwards…although I didn’t really act like that 5 minutes ago… I’m impressed that he actually came to tell me though. That’s a positive.

inhale God, sit still with him, get rid of worry and rage. And onwards :D.

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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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