A couple of things to say…;)

Like the title says, I have a couple of things to say today, then I may go back to nice, smallholding/cottagey type posts, or I may not hahahaaaaaa.

Anyway, I don’t have a clue how people are feeling about the lockdown in the UK, we live in a cottage in Ireland with a field behind it, so I’m somewhat far away from the reality that is lockdown for a lot of people. All I see are the articles on facebook really. We are also locked down by the way. But to be honest, my lifestyle hasn’t really changed much since March anyway.

Also, the homeschooling thing, I actually really like homeschooling and it’s fairly relaxed, especially since they’re only nearly six and three. It may be a homeschooling cliche, but kids or anybody really, really do learn wherever and whatever they’re doing. However, whenever I get tempted to start going ‘what are they all complaining about??’ ‘I LOVE my kids being at home (which I do generally), we have a day like today, which for a large part was pretty awful, involved some screaming kids, a yelling parent (not naming anybody…ha) and watching YouTube at dinnertime because otherwise I was going to go mad.

It was quite interesting, there were some American kids who were digging a 10 ft bunker in their backyard to ‘play’ in. I then got slightly nervous at how interested J was and wondered if I was going to find a massive hole after he had played out this afternoon. I didn’t. Half relieved, half disappointed. It got better when I got off my bottom and did some stuff with them. I generally find play dough works wonders with the youngest at least. So yeah, no high horse about home schooling today, also, I don’t think I’d like prescribed work from a school very much, because it is so very, very different to how most home edders/schoolers do things (I’m not fussy about the terms used).

The second thing I just want to mention is… and I know I needn’t mention this and some may feel it’s unnecessary, but I want to… I know some people probably don’t like that we’re becoming Catholic. Some have been very supportive, but I get the feeling (and my feelings quite often lead in the right direction) that quite a few don’t like it and I’m sorry about that. The thing is, we are, and we’re very happy about it.

Catholicism is so rich and beautiful when you start looking into it and reading and listening and learning. It really is. Believe me. I’ve learnt so much. Feel free to ask questions, I’ll remain friendly (now)…! But, as a part of that also, we are all connected in Christ if we believe that Jesus is Lord, God and Saviour and that he died and was resurrected. From this when you come to Him, he forgives your sins and gives you both new life now and eternal life with Him. I know that’s a bit of a mouthful, but honestly, if anyone reading this is not a believer, Jesus really does completely change your life. Simplistically, if you believe the apostles creed then you believe. (Catholic actually means universal, by the way). The Apostles’ Creed – Prayers – Catholic Online

If we believe, we believe, we are not separate, we are His church. I keep thinking of different things I could add or put, but no, I don’t want to get all complicated.

I am so, so grateful for the time I spent as part of Church in the Peak, Matlock, it was about ten years. I just can’t describe in a paragraph how life changed as a result of knowing God and being part of that family. I was born again in that church and learnt so much from just being there. Especially in prayer meetings, I must say. I used to love just being there and soaking it all in, learning, from people and from God, learning to sit in God’s presence, to want Him more than anything else, to worship. And again, over the lockdown period I’ve taken part in the online services, watched, listened, commented occasionally :). We are not separate because we live in Ireland, or because we’re becoming Catholic. If someone is a believer, no matter where they are or what kind of church they are part of, then we are linked to them through God and it is beautiful. Such a big family.

And! If I ever manage to get back and actually see our families and friends in the UK, Church in the Peak, I’m a coming to see you!!!!! It would be wonderful. For me, anyway!

Anyway, back to digging holes…haha. I’d quite like to build a bunker, introverts r us! Mind, I’m a bit of a mix, I don’t really know what I am apart from a woman.



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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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