I need to write!

Right, I feel the urge to write. Specifically, about a paragraph I wrote yesterday, very fleetingly about why as Christians we feel that we ought to have charmed lives. I just want to expand on it a little. I’ve become a bit conscious of what people think recently and I think that sometimes affects what I write, so I’ll attempt to write it as I feel is necessary.

What I really meant was, (my opinion, in addition to reading the bible and being spoken to through it) is that our reactions to things that go wrong and therefore our relationship with God, is often out of kilter. If you are a believer, you are a believer. Whether things are good, bad or indifferent. If you believe that God sent Jesus to die for you then you follow him and believe in Him, no matter what.

I feel from experience and from observation, particularly over the past year, that there can be tendency to only expect good things to happen when you belong to God. And shock when the good things (according to ourselves) don’t happen. It is very obvious on reading the bible and surveying the lives of Christians that have gone before us, that actually, that is just not the way it is.

I know God works through doubts and worries and he expects us to grieve at times as well as rejoice and have human emotions (we are human) and He works all things for the good, if you love him and are called by Him and He does give amazing gifts. But what I am feeling more and more is that there should be no more fair weather Christianity. We follow Him, we love Him, we do as He asks, we pursue Him and He speaks to us and works through us.

No matter what is going on, He is there, He loves you and He knows best.

I’m not going to go into detail, I don’t have the theological knowledge, but what I do have is a life that has been and is being transformed by Him in His time. I have a passion for Him and whilst I have not, especially since being here, always been a very good witness to His name. He is still there, He never leaves, changing us, changing things, inspiring, calling our names. God is good, but that does not mean good things will always happen. But always expect wondrous feats and miracles, they can be minute (almost unnoticeable) and they can be huge. Just trust, be up for whatever comes your way and that’s it.

I realise that I should probably put a load of bible verses up to substantiate my claims, but there’s so many. I actually recommend that you read the bible yourself. Always a good thing. I’m exploring it more again at the moment. It’s good! try it 😀


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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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