I’m currently sat at the table with my laptop with the phone next to me playing music and saying intermittently ‘thankyou for your patience, you are moving forward in the queue and will be answered as soon as possible’. Yes, I’ve been locked out of my online UK banking account and am ringing from Ireland to the UK and the messages inform me there’s probably a 25 minute wait. I can get on the app, but I need to get onto the account via the computer to do something…. I feel like I’ve been on the computer trying to sort stuff and not succeeding all day. I feel very, very irritated….. Plus, it’s probably going to cost quite a bit on the phone I would think,,, Oh well!

It’s been a funny day, I’ve been looking for online learning for J for the homeschooling, I think we’ve decided on two, one for reading and one for maths, to complement what we’re doing together. Then I’ve tried to login to a credit card we have for emergencies but can’t because they’ve got our old phone number, so we have to ring them as well, but Chris has to do that one because it’s in his name. He’ll be thrilled! Just looked at my phone, I’ve been on hold for 20 minutes already, the joy. Can’t be helped, I also maybe should have been more careful with logging in to the account, then I wouldn’t have to be doing this….

The kids sound like they’re wrecking upstairs, I doubt it, but it sounds like it. To be fair though, you only have to walk about upstairs and it’s quite loud down here. J was most disappointed that I couldn’t find him something to do, but I’m sure he can manage to find himself something to do for an afternoon. We tend to do the formal stuff in the morning and have the afternoons quite fluid (also so I can do jobs too). Oh, now there’s screaming…also a common theme from today! It will get better.. Turns out they butted heads, so they’re ok now, better than earlier when the littlest bit the eldest when I wasn’t in the room. Poor J.

Anyway, hello. How’s life where you are? It’s still pretty quiet here. With regard to seeing anybody but us that is. That’s ok though, it’s not forever. I’ve sort of got used to just being here in a lot of ways, which is sort of ok, but also a little worrying sometimes! Will I ever go out again! haha. (It is a bit, but not enough that it actually should worry anyone.) I am actually just starting to miss travelling a bit though…just intermittent pangs..

Life is good in general, it’s still beautiful here (obviously) and I’m gaining a bit of a new appreciation. I was looking out of the skylight upstairs last night and remembered when we visited to view the house and Chris stuck his head out smiling (he was excited) and I took a photo, it was very different then! It was a good memory.

There’s always stuff to do, I don’t think we’ve actually been bored since we got here, there’s so much it can send your head in a whirl if you don’t get a grip on it! But it’s good.

The original quails who are about 4/5 weeks old I think, are now outside in their little pen and quite enjoying it and the others are still under heat. We now have eight which look really healthy, out of the ten, one died and one isn’t doing well, I’ve had to separate it for a while to try and feed it up a bit, the others were bullying it, so I’m not sure how it’s going to do, it also runs backwards which is a little odd. But that’s quails apparently!

I’ve been answered! yes! and they were lovely and sorted me out very quickly, I actually managed to remember my memorable word too after a bit of time and a lot of thinking. So thankyou Coop bank!

I’m freeeeeeeeee. Almost. Just got to reset things and do the thing I need to do 😀

See you later (figuratively).



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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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