A quick update on the birds.

Hi, just wanted to update people, we now have six 3 week old ducklings and 3 Light Sussex chicks (about a weekish old) in the house, the ducks will hopefully go outside at around 6 ish weeks, but maybe before that during the day if we manage to get the electric fence up soon. Here they are:

With the ducks, we have 4 Khaki Campbell and 2 Ancona’s, I’m hoping and praying that they’re girls! Unlikely, but you never know. They’re so messy, we have a huge drinker in with them, so they can get their beaks in, and even with a drinker they manage to fling water about everywhere. They’re worth it though.

We also have about 13 quail running about in a separate run inside the chicken run. We can’t put the quail out and about in the main run because they’d just fly off. They aren’t laying yet, hopefully soon will. They’re really funny. It was sunny yesterday for the first time in a while, it was gorgeous, and when they’re relaxing they lay outstretched with their legs sticking out like they’re reclining. If I hadn’t read about it I would have thought they were dead a few times by now, because that’s what it can look like.

Yesterday afternoon.

Now, just a word of warning for readers, I got some abuse on my last post from one person, just one person, perhaps obviously about my daring to say that God is good and that He saves us from our sin and frees us. I attempted replying but it was no use, so I ended up deleting the whole thing and blocking them. So comments that are helpful and inquiries that are genuine are welcome, but anything that is hurtful, disrespectful or intended for harm will not receive a reply and will be deleted.



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