Sooo, it’s a God one. There’s just two short tales I have to tell. They’re beautiful and brilliant, mainly because God is. I wasn’t sure whether to tell them, but after listening to a preach today, I decided to.

Number one – I was sat on my settee a couple of weeks ago maybe, at night, feeling pretty low. I call what I was feeling ‘the horrors’ and I was literally sat thinking and had this massive awareness of evil in the world and bad things that can happen or could happen to people I love or people in general. It’s difficult to describe how it felt. I was sort of slumped on the settee with my hoody up, just sat there feeling horrified and really low. I did speak to God, I think I basically said, so I’m here and I’m feeling like this and that was that really. Can’t remember if I said anything else. Then I got up to let the dog out and I went outside and just started singing. It wasn’t worked up, I hadn’t been listening to this song, I wasn’t in one of my ‘got to deal with this and worship modes’. I was just there, with God and I believe He just gave me this song. The song goes ‘you unravel me, with a melody, you surround me with a song, of deliverance from my enemies til all my fears have gone’. (That’s from memory, hope the lyrics are right, the song is called ‘no longer slaves’ if you want to YouTube it..) So I was just stood outside our front door, in the dark, singing this song, then I was absolutely ok. It was a lovely moment. God really does care and acts on it. He can change things in a minute, when it’s right.

The second thing was, not long after, the same week I think, I suddenly became very aware, a sudden realisation of ‘I have a good life, we have a good life!’ This may sound a bit basic but it was a bit of a game changer really. We all like to think we have it a bit rough, to have a bit of a moan, I’m no exception either, but I really did have this exclamation moment of ‘I have a good life! And thinking or knowing that, changes your perspective somewhat. So that was great. Hearing from and being changed by God is really quite something and I really do believe that all you need is a willing, open heart towards Him and He’ll do the rest.

Anyway! Thankyou for reading and good night!


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