Ferality (is that a word?) and other stuff.

It has come to my attention how feral I and the kids have become. On the emerging out of lockdown thing that seems to be going on but not going on, but going on, but not going on….repeat as necessary. And because of living where we are living and the start of doing things or starting to do things like plan to meet people, go to mass, go out in public in general… I have realised we lack a plethora of things. Such as shoes (we have wellies), clothes that don’t have holes in or stains on, which aren’t bleached by the stuff that we cleaned the house with, or actually, actual clothes, a regular bath time, clean ears, an ability to converse with others and actually be bothered about talking to them, decent hair cuts, a clean house with clean windows (I’ve been very preoccupied with the outside) and etceteraaa etceteraaaaaa. There is slight exaggeration going on there…slight…

I actually don’t mind feral, but I think we might have to reign it in a bit to actually mix with others. Y’know, like not smell of chickens and have hands and knees covered in mud sort of thing.

So I think we’re off to the beach in a bit, feral doesn’t really matter there. Chris is the more civilised of the lot of us really, (he has to go to work).

In other news, we still have the turkey poults, they’re now three weeks old and outside, I put them out yesterday, they were making the house smell a bit. They’re very healthy and friendly, I think I might attempt to sell them in a few weeks, I’m now not sure I fancy rearing turkeys, I’ll let you know.

The little ducks have gone in with the big ones, there is a bit of bullying going on, but they seem ok, no damage done anyway and they’re getting closer together.

The chickens are all fine, the three little chicks are about five weeks old now I think, still with the mum and doing well. They won’t need her really from now on, so she may come back out and with the rest of the flock soon.

Chris has started painting the house as many people have seen, it looks lovely already and it’s only had a watered down coat on so far. The garden is also blooming! It looks really nice, but it’s a work in progress still. I still need to fill it with more plants and get more ground cover in. The weeds are a nightmare, there’s horsetail growing all over the place, buttercups, bindweed and more. But it looks brilliant considering!

Chris’s silver birth trees that he is growing from seed are also doing really well, as is the greenhouse. I tried to keep the growing simple this year, as I didn’t want to end up with loads of wasted produce (which is always very possible). So far we have a glut of cucumbers (from two plants) and loads of tomatoes, of which some are starting to colour up. We still need to get an honesty box and stand up and running as we have loads of eggs too, I’m just having to use them in baking etc at the moment. I don’t think quail eggs are going to be a big hit round here, they’re a bit little and fiddly, I’m mainly using them for egg mayonnaise for Chris’s pack up at the moment. I don’t think I’ll be hatching any more quail, they’re lovely but not that practical, egg wise.

So goodbye from our feral selves. I think I prefer this life to the sterility of having to conform every single day! It is good for today, only God knows what the future holds! So all is well.

I would talk about the fact that Chris now has a motorbike, but I know absolutely nothing about them, so I’m afraid I won’t be! But he loves it very much and is planning a good future with his bike :D. (It is very nice and I’m glad he enjoys it so much). He now gets me to drive the boys and he rides his bike to wherever we are going.

Hello to everyone!

God bless you!


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