Ooh it’s been a scorcher.

Last week that is, it was absolutely boiling hot, mid 20’s upwards, brilliant, but I now understand why God didn’t send us to somewhere a bit hotter than Ireland, I’m not so good at dealing with constant very hot weather, haha. Anyway, it’s back to some rain this week and the temps are more like between 15 and 20 (celsius), so it’s nice.

It’s bank holiday weekend this coming weekend and it’s looking dry, so we’re really hoping it stays that way so Chris can finish or at least get a couple of coats of paint on the house. He’s been gradually hacking away at it, it was very hard for him last weekend and the weekend before as it was so hot and he was up on the roof in a very precarious position painting the chimneys. He’s done it though! Which is marvellous. Now the second coat on the walls and window sills etc to do. It looks brilliant (picture on last blog post).

The ducks are still all in together and ok, it’s funny, the original 5 and the newer 6 (females) they still gravitate towards their original groups.

The front five are the original ducks.

In the hen pen, the broody hen is now back in with all the other chickens and the three chicks will remain separate until about 16-18 weeks old (ish). It’s looking good, the chicks look like they might all miraculously be female.

The turkey’s are growing well, they’re about 5 weeks old now, They have a dog kennel for shelter, which after they’re gone, we’ll use for the ducks. We had to clip their wings as they kept escaping, and so far no more escape attempts. They don’t go far, but I really don’t want the cat or other wildlife to get them.

It’s summer! We’re taking a break from any formal schooling stuff we do for August, but will still be doing lots of other things. J is currently busy with the hot glue gun making things out of ‘popsicle sticks’. I need to mow around the chickens and it’s looking like I might have to do it in the rain, I’ll give it a bit longer. The trouble is, the grass has grown up around the bottom of the electric fencing and that means it might not be working properly. So it definitely needs doing. Littlest is legoing in the living room.

The veg in the greenhouse is brilliant, I got a beetroot larger than my hand yesterday. I grated it up for a salad and it’s lovely, not woody in the slightest. It’s also the first time I’ve ever grated up a beetroot for salad!

We’re also still growing flowers, there’s some more lupins growing in pots and aqualegia, plus other bit and pieces. The front borders look lovely at the moment, but a lot of what is filling them is annual flowers so come autumn/winter it’ll start thinning out somewhat, so I need a plan.

This may be me being a little defensive but, someone asked me a question the other week, a question I am somewhat tired of, it hasn’t been asked loads, but enough..it was ‘how are you getting fed?’ (as in spiritually, God and all that). Believers – it is perfectly ok to get your ‘feeding’ directly from God and by knowing and sometimes talking to other believers from different backgrounds and watching/reading other reliable sources of sustenance. I get you have to choose carefully and I do but pleeeeeaaaaase, stop thinking that if believer’s lives don’t look like how you think they should look, that they’re wrong. God does things his way and his way does not always look like our ways and we often have to wait on him and this life is for the long haul.

I love writing to Him and drawing and writing down any thoughts I have whilst praying or just being with Him, writing down things I think are from Him and just being in his presence. I love being outside being aware of the beauty and His creation and presence, I love being in my kitchen with God, talking, singing, listening, ranting, just being. I love being in bed at night in the pitch black thinking and listening. No matter what ‘church’ you are part of, you are still part of the bigger church family and we are all connected by God. I’m still waiting with eager anticipation for Him to do more great, great things, things we don’t even imagine. One of the things I love most about God is how He can work in us, how he can turn our worst messes and self pity and rubbish into beauty. As the bible says, he gives beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61:3). I love how he can change your day at the drop of a hat, or your life. I am far from perfect, but Jesus is my peace.

My main prayer for the past 8 years has been ‘lead me in your ways and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation, for you I wait all day long’. (part of Psalm 25, it’s a beautiful one, as are many of them, try reading it) and I will continue praying this, because this is what I want for our lives, nothing else will work.

Thankyou for reading.


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