Happy Tuesday.

Evening! I don’t know what it’s been like elsewhere because I haven’t looked, but it’s been really warm and lovely again over the last week here. So this morning, I’d just written out a to do list as long as my arm (seriously) and done the essentials, as in the animals and the greenhouse. I looked around, breathed in the air and just decided we were going out. I’ve been feeling some stress recently, having difficulty prioritising what I need to do and balancing it out with spending time with the kids but I think I definitely made the right decision today. When the weather is bad, we don’t tend to have the car, and J (eldest boy) really likes going out. So off we went, in the Jeep with the scooters in the back.

The first stop was Drumshanbo park. It’s a lovely place, next to Acres Lake (there’s also a boardwalk) and it was less busy because most children here have already gone back to school. Our August bank holiday is earlier than in the UK. The kids loved it and littlest conquered his fear of going up the big slide. He went halfway up the ladder a few times and came back down each time, then I turned my back to look at something J was doing and he was up! There was no stopping him after that. He loved it. I LOVE that he did it and in his own time too, he was very determined and kept trying.

It was nice as well, because there was another English woman there who I got talking to who lives in Drumshanbo. I’d never met her before and It was really lovely to have a conversation and just chat. We both miss England too, so we had that in common! Haha.

Next stop was for food and toilet. There aren’t many public toilets in Ireland (hardly any where we are), so that had to be Tesco’s in Carrick on Shannon. (Hardly any bins either and still generally very clean.) So after that, we parked up next to the waterfront, the parking is free on the road and took the scooters out and had a walk up there. There’s a long path that goes along parallel to the road but far enough away to be safe with kids and it’s lovely. There’s a wild area at the beginning with some wild flowers and long grass and willow sculptures/tunnels.

I’d love to do a willow structure.

Then we walked/scooted and the boys climbed on the wall. J insisted on going on his scooter on the wall. Which sort of scares me but I know he’s really agile and good with his balance and I like him to push himself a bit, so I asked him to watch where his wheels were going and left him to it. There’s no way I would have let littlest do it though!

There’s also a bridge with benches that goes partway out over the water.

After that the boys enjoyed playing at the water’s edge for a short while. look at the reflections, it was beautiful.

It was very peaceful

Finally, theres a free library at the side of the path. We took a couple of books and we will take a couple back at some point soon. I think it’s really funky. It’s a brilliant idea. I’ve heard of people doing them for seeds too in different areas. My head keeps filling with ideas I’m not sure what to do with! I’m sure it’ll come clear at some point!

Then it was home time. The turkeys keep getting out so I’ve clipped their wings again tonight with the hope that it’ll stop them. I’m not sure that it will!

Run! Ruuuuunnnnn, be free!

Anyway, it’s far too late now. I’m off. Thankyou God for a beautiful day. Good night and God bless you all.


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