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So, I haven’t posted for a while. I haven’t really felt very inspired to write really. But I’ve been thinking and I think I’m going to try posting regularly for a while, on a Tuesday and I’ll see how it goes. I’m not always very good with saying I’m going to do so and so on such a day, things happen and I get distracted. But I’ll try it!

I don’t get on with winter very well in a lot of ways, the darkness, dullness etc, so I’m very glad that it’s starting to feel more spring like, birds singing, a bit lighter. People keep saying we still have a winter to come, so I guess we will see, but I’m actually hoping not now. It’s been so mild this year that we haven’t even particularly needed extra blankets on the beds or anything, despite our lack of roof insulation. Mind, I think part of it is also that the cottage has warmed up, we’ve been in it for three years now, with fires every day in the winter and oil fired heating a couple of times a day and we think it’s dried out and warmed up a lot. J (the eldest boy) is a little disappointed though that we haven’t had any snow worth talking about, so I guess that would be ok. And no, I don’t believe in the whole tempting fate thing in case anyone reading thinks oh no! they’ll get a terrible winter now! No, if we are going to we will, if we’re not, we won’t and that’s that. I believe in God not superstition.

There is something I’m quite excited about. We’ve got some raised beds! Only two at the moment, to see how good they are and try them out. Then we’ll probably get a few more. We are apparently going to put them up on Sunday, near the polytunnel. We’re going to try the Charles Dowding no dig type approach. We’ve been watching him on YouTube, so there’ll be no spraying out or digging the area they’re going onto, just cardboard going on the bottom of them and then be filled with compost. We’re going to buy it this year and then we’re going to try to set up some bins and make our own, hopefully for next year. We’re hoping to use pallets to make some bins, by the side of the barn. So all that will be a work in progress this year, a very welcome one. I think Chris and I are very similar in that we prefer to be doing work outside rather than inside a lot of the time.

I can’t really think of a lot else to write today really, so it’s just a hello and welcome again type post. Also, this morning I’ve had this song on my mind which I thought I’d share. It’s ‘I can see clearly now’ by Johnny Nash. Not to do things by halves, I had it on my mind so I downloaded a best of album. Now my family have it playing over and over and over again haha. I love it.

Goodbye and see you next week!


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