There are mooooore Questions than Answers…🎶

So over the past week I’ve been doing two things. One is singing the abovc words over and over again (it’s a song on the album I downloaded last week) and two, trying out a new interpretation of do not worry about what you will eat or drink. I can tell you the new interpretation doesn’t work. Eating whatever I want is a bit of a disastrous thing and has definitely disrupted my lose weight before I visit England thing 😬. Time to start exercising again! (And eating better).

It’s a bit later than I planned, but here is the Tuesday post. I’m trying to remember at this point, what exactly has happened since Thursday and I’ve come up with a couple of things. I’m also writing this whilst cooking tea.

We got a couple of raised beds! As mentioned last week.

Here they are! They’re quite small, 6’ x 3’, but we like that size because we can reach everything that will be growing in them easily. I couldn’t believe how much compost they took. The quick crop website said they would take 300l each, but they took double that to fill them up. We’ve put cardboard underneath and we’re going to try and do it as a no dig type plot. We’re also planning on getting a few more. It’s hard actually deciding what should go where. I need to do some seed planning. Chris is putting small paving slabs between them, mainly because it gets so muddy. It will be a lot easier to manage them with the pavers.

We moved our two ducks back onto the field today, I originally moved them into a large cage for the winter, but ducks tend to make a mess of the ground and this is no exception:

So today, as a temporary measure to try and stop them being eaten, I’ve put the little 25m electric fencing inside the larger 50m electric fencing, and clipped their wings so they (hopefully) can’t fly over and into the fox’s jaws. We got covered in mud and poo catching them too. It was good fun!

The chickens in the main pen have been out for a couple of days, but I’ve shut them back in now for a while, it’s just too muddy to let them out all the time yet.

There’s the main man himself.

I’m hoping to get a coop for the field at some point that will house all of them, plus the four girls we currently have in the poly tunnel. The plan is to move them around the field within an electric fence for a while this summer. Then their normal site will recover and I can reseed parts of it again too. They’ll also naturally fertilise the field! Bonus.

We’re still getting a fair few eggs. It dropped off a little over the winter but is picking up again. we’re going to have to start putting them on the gate I think.

A very poultry based post but as a last thing, we did some kite flying as well yesterday. We haven’t been outside that much recently, so I’m trying to get us back into it. The kite flying was the littlest’s idea. It’s great being outside!

See you soon.


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