I’ve been thinking. Why do we expect people to be perfect? Do you? Do I? I think I do sometimes, much as I hate to admit it. Or like they aren’t good enough. Like people have to be a certain way, that we have to ‘approve’ of them to love them, for them to get our attention and keep it. Did God approve of us? Was it on our own merits that we were saved by Jesus? No!

Conditional love isn’t love. Love loves. It just does. No matter what someone is like, no matter what they’ve done. It loves. Love doesn’t leave, it doesn’t say you aren’t good enough, it doesn’t put barriers up. Why do we? Love doesn’t say ‘look what you just did’ or sit there silently disapproving or talking about you to someone else. It confronts lovingly or shuts up and accepts. We need to stop the comparisons. We are all sinners in need of Gods grace and salvation.

Start loving. Properly. Not superficially. Forgive. Love is a sacrifice, but not one that says ‘look at me’, it doesn’t wear a pained, martyred expression. It is just love. Accepting, loving, being loyal, praying, helping, being truthful but not because of our pride or wanting to be right but because there’s a better way, God’s way. Being present, being there matters.

I’m just writing this in one go, thinking as I’m going along. There’s some borrowing from the bible as you’d expect. It’s Interesting and challenging.

People’s worth is not determined by what we think. People are made for God and by God and that is that.

Thankyou to those I have known that have shown me this and pointed me to Christ’s love. Because He is who we need to look at and know. He is the one who changes us. We can’t change ourselves in any major way. Only through Jesus who is God. And I can personally say that He most definitely does change us, our most fundamental beliefs can change in an instant with Jesus. Gods mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning (lamentations 3:22-3).

I’ve decided to just publish without refining too much, so there you go! There are probably some sweeping generalisations, but it’s just ponderings and truth about something I think we can struggle with. Well, if I can, I’m presuming everyone else can too. God bless.


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