Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday

I’m still not sure this regular Tuesday thing is going to work, but I’ll carry on giving it a go for a while. Hello! We’ve been out today for the first time in a couple of weeks at least I think. We took Chris to work and picked him up again later, it wasn’t anywhere particularly exciting, picking up chicken feed and going shopping, but still good! I got a coffee. Love getting coffee.

The weather’s been very wet again and slightly colder, during the night both myself and Chris woke up because there was a brief period where it sounded like there was a massive storm outside, the wind was battering the house and it sounded like it was hailing. It was fairly brief, but it was spectacular sounding. It’s unusual for Chris to wake up, so it must have been noisy.

So, since last week, my tooth where I had the root canal done a few years ago has cracked off (well half of it), I stood up and stood on my glasses and the lens popped out and I’ve felt very, very, very tired and I don’t know why. It’s ok though, I think I just need to start taking care of myself a bit more, I managed to twist the glasses back into shape (in a way) and put the lens back in. So nothing dreadful, just a pain. My glasses don’t feel right, I think I might ask for my prescription and send off for some, it might be cheaper and wiser, I always seem to manage to step on them or drop them at some point.

Oh yes! and I’ve been in touch with someone to maybe start going to a prayer meeting regularly (a charismatic, catholic one). So that’s new. I’m excited, but it does feel weird. I guess I’ve had two or even three years of not seeing many people, so I guess it’s probably normal to feel a bit nervous. It’s probably time though I think. I’ve just found out tonight from the man where I got the poultry feed from, that there’s a choir locally too that I had no idea about! So that’s good to know too. He says they’ll be starting back up soon.

Anyway, there’s probably more than that that’s happened, but that is all I can think of at this moment. So toodleoo. A brief one this week with not a huge amount in it, but It’s always nice to say hello. Hello!

See you soon.


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