Winter came in a weekend..

So I thought I’d start writing earlier, at this particular time it’s Sunday afternoon, Chris is watching YouTube motorbike videos, the kids are playing loudly upstairs and I’m in the kitchen waiting for pasta to boil. The wind is so noisy outside, our wood pile is just outside the kitchen window, it has plastic covering it and it’s whipping about ballooning up a bit. I think it’s secure though. During one of the storms a while ago, the wind was so strong it kept getting ripped off at one side and I kept having to go and secure it so we figured out how to fasten it down better from this experience!

I (usually) actually like wind, it’s very dramatic, a bit like me. I think this love probably comes from many holidays spent on the north east coast of England and a lot of windy walks on Derbyshire when I was little (the love of wind thing, not the dramatics). You can just stand and take a deep breath and enjoy the wind and it’s buffeting. It can also be very destructive though and I don’t really like that bit..

We have some quite tall trees by the side of the house and it’s always a bit of a thought that they may get blown down, it’s probably unlikely, but the thought is always there in the background, much as we try to push it down. It fuels my prayers anyway.

View from the side of the dining room.

Jump to Wednesday, it turned out to be very, very strong wind on Sunday night. Scary wind! I don’t think either me nor Chris slept much, listening to it. I know everyone in Ireland and the UK probably experienced it but it turned out to be pretty horrendous. Thankfully though, there was no damage here, although I’ve heard some pretty bad reports from the English news about damage done there. I think we had at least three power cuts too!

Turns out the postman was right, winter was yet to come and it came over a weekend. Jumping back again, after Storm Eunice? I think. We had snow! it was beautiful but it didn’t last a day. The kids got out in it first thing and then we were in for the rest of the day, it rapidly melted in the rain.

Jumping again, to now, it’s pouring down again, with another weather warning for tonight I think. I guess it is winter after all!

On a different subject, we’ve done our first actual Zoom class today, an art one, it was free, for half term I think. So I thought I’d get over my dread of being seen on Zoom and do it. It was mainly J (the eldest boy) anyway, who was on and it was wonderful! I think it did me almost more good than J. We were doing patterns and things and I (and J I think) really enjoyed it. I think we may sign on for more of them, she does homeschool lessons too during the week. So that’s a first, I pressed the button and did a Zoom class. I may give myself a little clap.

So, hello and goodbye. Au revoir. (Maybe French lessons next?).


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