late again..

Hi. Not going to do much of a write today, just wanted to say hi! It’s been quite a week, it was the anniversary of my dad’s death at the end of last week, this week we’ve all come down with ‘rona. All of us, including the kids. Seems it’s a load of rubbish that it doesn’t affect kids much, because they’ve been quite ill really (they’re recovering now though). I didn’t get it until Tuesday and it came on quite quickly. Thankfully, I’d already been shopping on Monday. So we’re doing the isolating thing this week and being ill at home. Someone from Chris’s work rang him yesterday and asked whether we needed anything, which I thought was lovely (unexpected, which made it even more lovely). Then, we found out yesterday that someone we used to know through my daughter had died, which was a massive shock. Then there’s the International stuff, the war etc, so there’s a lot going on.

So, what I’m going to do today is just say, if you’re lonely, frightened, low, depressed, worried, grieving, hopeless or anxious, firstly please know I’m praying for you, I’m going to specifically pray for people in those situations, I’ve experienced those feelings in my life, especially in the past and have an inkling as to what it feels like. and secondly, please know that you have purpose and meaning, no matter how you feel and you are loved more than you could possibly imagine by the God who made you and probably a whole lot of people too. The world needs one of you. It may be a bit of a cliche, but it’s true.


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