Windy weather..!

Yesterday and last night was horrendous! The wind was so strong it blew our new egg stand over, thankfully, it’s ok and didn’t take anyone down with it… But I’ve taken the cabinet out of it (it has glass in it and part of it broke) and we’re going to put shelves in it instead. I’ve also weighed the bottom down with rocks.

It’s getting a bit warmer apparently and the plants are growing in the garden, so I guess that’s a sign that it is, but it still feels cold to me.. It’s so exciting in the greenhouse, all my little seedlings are growing more and more every day. I’m not yet quite sure where I’m going to put everything but I’m sure it’ll work out. We have some gherkin cucumber plants this year, I think I need to look up how to look after them and what to do with the gherkins. It’s all good fun as they say.

It was lovely prior to this week, yes, it got cold, but it was dry. It is so nice when it is dry. Then it’s legged it down (rained a lot) again for a while, so everywhere is soggy again. The weather here is so unpredictable. Then again, everywhere we’ve been they always say the same thing, ‘all four seasons in one day’. They said it in Orkney, I’ve heard it said in England and they say it here. But I have to say, I think it is more unpredictable here than in Derbyshire.

Our new chicks are coming on well, unfortunately as with most chicks, we don’t yet know what sex they are. So I’m beadily watching out for signs. I’ve managed to spot the cockerels quite early with our recent hatchings so I should have some idea soon. As always, hoping for girls, but with most hatchings, the best ratio is usually 50/50. So just part of life with chickens I’m afraid! J (our eldest boy) loves them. I bring them downstairs for him a couple of times a day and he handles them and looks after them for a bit.

Getting a grip on home ed can be tricky! I signed us up for the art classes (It’s called the ‘go sketch club’ if anyone is interested). I think she’s doing some free classes during Easter. But J is not that interested in doing them. Our sign up has come to an end, but I probably won’t be signing us back on for now. Maybe later at some point. Littlest might like it when he’s a bit older. I really liked them. It’s hard realising that your interests are not always their interests! and when to push it and when not to. She had some really good ideas about how to start people off drawing, and was so good with the kids. I recommend her if your kids are interested in art.

I’ve sent off for J John’s (A UK preacher/evangelist) book on the Easter Story for the kids and we’ll be reading and talking about Easter when it comes. Maybe look at different traditions and why it’s celebrated in different ways, things like that. Make sure the kids realise what it is really all about. Jesus. I just love just saying His name. He’s just so ridiculously powerful and beautiful and yet he washed His disciples feet. Think about that, I’ve spoken on that before in a blog. But He, Jesus, washed His disciples feet. He came to serve, not be served. The Lord of Lords, King of Kings came down as a baby, to a relatively poor family, grew up with them, fully human and fully God and served. He healed people, He freed people from oppression, He delivered them from demons, He helped them, but not only that, He forgave people’s sins, He said if you come to Him you would never thirst again. God. Jesus. Beautiful King who came down for us, suffered terribly, but saw us as the joy set before Him. Then was resurrected so we can have life and life to the full with Him. It’s so hard to put it succinctly, you can put it briefly and clinically, again, like I have before, ‘He came to save us from our sins’ and that is true, but through all this, He does so much more.

And! we have life with Him after death, eternal life. Death is no longer to be feared. He gives and gave so much more than we realise. He still does all that stuff, He still heals, He still gives freedom, He still loves us and he is alive. Easter is awesome, because He is. People often say it’s about new life, spring etc and it is, but also, so much more, because when we come to Jesus, because of His sacrifice and resurrection and when we give our lives to Him, and tell him to have it all. He gives us life.

Thankyou for reading. Have a lovely day.


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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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