Four years.

So yes, this week, it’s been four years since we moved here. Four years! It doesn’t feel like four years. How many times can I say four years? Quite a lot, it would seem. Four years?!! haha.

Well, I thought I’d blog. I’ve really been enjoying writing them recently. I’m sort of crafting as it were. Writing different things, enjoying it. Trying it out. I always write to God when I’m stressed or worried. I keep a book, well several different books, strewn around the house, to write and draw in. And I tell you what, it’s really good. The other day I really felt like God was saying ‘Martha, you are…worried about many things…’ 😀 (Luke 10:41), so I did what it says in Philippians and took my many things to him in writing, anything! no matter how stupid or not right it sounded, went down on paper, it was great (and ongoing).

So, four years… As most of you know, a lot has changed. Both in the house, the ‘grounds’ (that sounds very posh, it’s a garden, some trees and a field), and in our lives. The area around the cottage is in certainly looks good compared to four years ago, it was extremely overgrown and damp. In fact, there was a little pool of water that used to appear on the kitchen floor near the wall, now no more! the place was very damp, we got heat into it and it started drying out. It was unpleasant for a while whilst it dried out and then it got a lot more pleasant and it’s actually a lot warmer now in general than it was then. We were all sleeping together in one room when we arrived (I actually quite liked that) and now we have our own rooms and beds not blow up mattresses. We have a bathroom with a bath fitted instead of using a tub and then a plaster bath to bathe in, in the kitchen – pure bathroom luxury now.

It has been exciting. it’s also been other things. But mostly we’re very glad we came here. We’ve definitely changed through the experience. We’ve had to learn a lot, especially in living with each other through massive change and hard work. Thankfully, God is with us and the Holy Spirit works in us and teaches us and changes us. God definitely gives you grace to be and live wherever you are. I love the growing thing, the front garden is a bit of a mess this year though, I need to sort that, I haven’t had much spare time or the right weather to do it this year.

It’s funny though, I’m a bit of an excitement freak, I quite like change in lots of ways and start yearning for different things once life gets settled. For example, I tagged Chris in a post advertised for the Isle of Canna in Scotland (as a gardener), but Chris, perhaps being a bit more realistic, ignored it. Probably for the best. Haha.

So, hello and thankyou to all the people who have faithfully kept updated and read the blogs and posts. Thankyou to a certain lady who even sent us a card on our wedding anniversary, I really, really did not expect that and it was awesome to receive it.

You see, it’s a funny place to be, sometimes, here. It’s gorgeous and it’s what we wanted, but you’re on your own a lot. Which, I am also ok with most of the time. But it can also be hard occasionally. Especially when I think about friends and family back home. So that gesture at that point was really lovely.

Thank you to another female friend who has taken me though life with her for quite a long time now (about 14 years), she is someone I can always go to and always get wisdom from her and motherly love. Godly wisdom. There are also a couple of others, who have helped keep me on the straight and narrow over the last few years. So thank you. I’m not naming names, but you should have a good idea of who you are. Ooh, it’s like the Oscar’s….

Sometimes I feel alone, but I’m not, firstly there is God, always. Scripture says he never leaves us nor forsakes us. Then there are others, friends. I’ve found that being thankful for the ones who care, thankful to God, sort of eclipses the bitterness that can build up if you aren’t careful, because of people who don’t. It’s easy to dwell on stuff that doesn’t matter and you need to talk reality to yourself. Y’know, ‘I am not the centre of everyone’s universe’ sort of thing, lol. I was really upset about a year ago, someone replied to a comment I’d made on something, with a really snarky remark. It really, really, upset me, I was feeling a bit vulnerable at the time. But then, since then, I’ve thought about comments I’ve made in the past that have probably really upset people and I think well, yeah, …. forgive them.

That’s the trouble with social media, you can write something and publish it at a click, and we don’t always think, or I don’t. Although I’m better at it than I was. I put a comment the other day and then deleted it because the tone and what I meant just didn’t come across well by writing it. And then that looks odd because you put something and then delete it. I’m a bit too impulsive for socials in a lot of ways, I’m a bit reactive, or can be. That can be a strength though, as well as a drawback. You get good at sincere apologising. haha.

I went back on facebook after a few weeks off in November and it’s funny how it disrupts me and disturbs me in a lot of ways. I found I was hearing God a lot more too, when I was off it. There must be a happy balance.

Right, I’m off now, we’re putting the tree up today and all that. Should be a good’un. And, hello family! we miss you. I’m still hoping to get across some time over the next six months. It’s been a long time.

See you soon. May God bless you in every way.


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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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