Still Waiting!!

It hasn’t been bad actually, we’ve been baking and drawing and photographing and printing it out and then the kids have been drawing ‘books’, cartoon style and cutting out the photo’s and using them. It’s kept them unusually well occupied, especially J. He loves it. It’s really good too, because it means he’s writing and enjoying it! Which is excellent.

The car part is apparently now in Ireland, but not delivered yet. So hopefully it will be here soon. We’ve been baking all the bread, so we don’t have to keep getting it from the shop. Chris only has a backpack to bring shopping back in. It’s gone quite well, my bread has improved a lot since we came here. In fact, it’s generally really nice. The only bit that went badly was when I apparently accidentally left cling film on top of it and put it in the oven (must have been distracted 😀 I didn’t feed it to them). I got it out and Chris and I looked at it and wondered what the white hard bit was and then realised it was plastic.

We’re relaxing now, as far as possible for the rest of the year (me and the kids that is, education wise), no formal curriculum being done here until after New Year now. But like I said, J has been doing his book all day, so all is good. The unschooling type approach definitely has bonuses. It has to be said, the books/masterpieces they are doing do have a lot of references to poo in them, but I’m thinking they’ll grow out of that at some point? haha. Maybe not, if Chris is anything to go by.

I’ve stopped worrying (on the whole) about Chris riding his motorbike in the freezing conditions, he says he would ride it anyway, even if the car was working. So there’s no point, I do pray though.

As I write, we have literally just had a power cut. Everything has gone dark, really dark, all of a sudden. J has just yelled ‘power cut!’ and I’ve sent him to fetch my emergency bag. Sounds very prepared and glam, it isn’t really. It has torches and candles in it and a radio. The fire is on, so that’s ok. It could be quite peaceful I suppose!

So on that note, I will go. (I was going to publish the blog and then realised I couldn’t because the router was off).

No! I’m back, hi! It only last ten minutes or so. The first of the season! I’ve put the heating on to heat up the water for Chris, just in case it goes off again. I’d better get the bread and food done too.

Sorry to anyone I normally send anything to at Christmas, I haven’t managed to send anything yet and it’s probably too late for Christmas post now. I will send the presents to the family though! Thanks for cards received, I do love getting them.

See you soon.


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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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