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Hello! I’ve just been looking back at the last few blogs, thinking about updates. The eggs I had in the incubator (chicken) were not particularly successful, one hatched, 2 died in their shells, 9 didn’t develop at all (they probably weren’t fertilised). So we ended up with one chick, that was constantly chirping because there were no other chicks with him/her. Much as I loved playing mama hen (and I really did), having it under my chin and constantly with me, it was a bit much. So, I put a few requests out on various facebook chicken groups for day old chicks and got a message that a lady who lived a couple of hours or so away had some, but that I could meet her brother somewhere nearer if that would work. So we’ve now got 6 silkie/goldtop chicks and they are really strong and absolutely gorgeous. The lone chick is part of their little gang now as well, and all is well. J (eldest boy) is really good with them, they tend to stay really calm and with him when he gets them out. I’ve never had any type of silkie hens before, they have feathered legs and feet! So they’ll be interesting as they get older.

This one is now 1 1/2 weeks old.

I have put a few of my own eggs in the incubator now, and I will candle them on Saturday/Sunday to see if they are developing. If they hatch, they will be cuckoo maran/copper maran mix. The ovascope arrived and I used it last time, it is so good. It’s a bit like a microscope in looks, you put a strong light in at the bottom, switch it on, stand an egg with the broad side up on the stand, cover it with the plastic cover and then peer in and you can turn it around, it’s really cool. So it’s easier to tell if the eggs are developing and discard any that are not.

I’ve dug a channel down the middle of the big chicken run (the winter one) today, it is so wet, you sink into it as you are walking across it, it’s what you would call slushy if you’re being kind. There was a definite area where you could see the water travelling across, so I’ve dug a narrow trench today, in the hope that it will help with the drainage. I’m looking forward to getting them back on the field soon, but there’s still a bird flu lockdown thing going on, and, we haven’t got any coops that are big enough yet. We had to get rid of one of the coops we used last year. We’re planning on converting a couple of IBC tanks, just have to get them.

It only looks small, but it was quite hard work! and yes, that is a cot, I converted it to house some quail the other year, it needs a do over! The patch of grass where it’s been is brilliant :D.

We installed the rollaway nest boxes a week or so ago, and they’re so good! They keep the eggs fairly clean and stop them being eaten. Chris welded up a stand for them to be hooked up to, rather than fastening them onto the side of the shed and it works really well. I’ve just started putting eggs out again to sell, as the hens are starting to come into lay again and there’s too many for just us. Made our first sale of the year today, thankyou!

There’s so much happened in just a few weeks. We got guinea pigs for the boys, they love them.

We met some other home educators for the first time. We haven’t met many up to now, but we organised a get together and it was good. There’s another one coming up soon.

It’s been a bit milder, so the boys have been playing out more and running about on the field with the dog and I’ve started to get some of the spring jobs done, like weeding and trying to sort the flower and veg beds out. There’s a long way to go yet haha. That’s one of the smaller beds, down below, a strawberry one that I need to finish off.

I need to get the ducks back out of the greenhouse and out on the field again, they’re making the inside of the tunnel too wet. The soil is turning green, even where they aren’t! I’d like to get them an enclosed coop and run sorted too, but that’s probably asking a bit too much for now.

It is so good to hear the birds singing and see the days lengthening. Amidst the chaos of the world, these things are really good and important to me. To stand still, and breath in and out and listen and just be wherever you are, for a while, is immense.

God is good.

If anyone needs prayer, feel free to ask.

See you soon!


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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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