Ooh it’s been an interesting couple of weeks..

So, during the past couple of weeks, the car broke down with me and the kids in it. Chris was not sure if he was going to be able to repair it (he’s usually quite positive he can), so I was contemplating a future where we didn’t have a car. But! He has mended it, and in doing so, corrected a problem we’ve had with the jeep since we got it. So bonus. So we’ve now got a smoothly running jeep, hurrah! 😀

Because we couldn’t get out to the shops again, apart from Chris going on the motorbike. I started baking more again. Did loads of bread, biscuits, meringues. I really enjoyed it and have ordered a load of flour that was delivered within a day of ordering it. Amazing service from https://www.riotrye.ie/

We’ve had five more chicks hatch, it’s the cuckoo maran/copper maran mix chicks, they’re very little at the moment and very nice. J is constantly walking around attached to either a little chick, a big chick, or a guinea pig. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned, the kids now have guinea pigs as pets and I can safely say they will be the tamest guinea pigs in the world… J and I (our two boys) also decided, after watching a program about pets, that they want a parrot… (they can dream on).

The bigger chicks, the lone one we hatched and the six silkie/goldtop mix are going out into the greenhouse during the day at the moment, with a view to them going out permanently in a couple of weeks and ten broiler chicks that I’ve ordered, will be going into their cage in the house, for a little while. It’s really cold this week, hence, not even contemplating leaving them out at night at the moment. They’re still using the heat occasionally at night.

It’s been a lot drier over the past week or so, so I’ve started sorting the front garden out. I’ve decided to halve the area that we plant up and weed. I can’t cope with the full area, half seems to be much more manageable, so I’m in the process of removing the grass and rushes that have grown there and extracting them from the actual plants. I can’t believe how much I’ve ached from doing the gardening! I need to get fitter, definitely. It’s nearly time for planting seeds, I know some have started already, it’s very exciting.

Work in progress. It will look really good by the time I’ve finished. Im only going up to that line I’ve dug.

The boys and I have been into Carrick on Shannon this morning, we needed to get new tyres and so we ventured to the shops while we were waiting. There’s an escalator in one of the shops. The boys have never, to their memory, been on an escalator and seemed to view it on a level with Alton Towers. J was fine and went up a few times and was very excited about it. I went up twice with I and then said I wasn’t doing it again, so ‘I’ tried to go up himself, wasn’t very confident, sank to the floor whilst on the escalator, leaning backwards (lying down), and nearly fell down it. I had to jump on and drag him upwards whilst holding him on with my legs. It didn’t phase him. At all. It was quite funny’ in a ‘what are you doing?! type of way.

One more thing, some people were out lamping the other night and until I realised what they were doing, they terrified me. Picture the scene, I’ve finished the jobs, put the kids to bed, sat down on the settee whilst Chris was having his bath, started reading a book on the kindle… then ‘bang, bang, bang, bang!’ (fairly close by) and I’m like ‘that’s a gun!’ Chris hadn’t heard anything and carried on relaxing in the bath and I’m sneaking around the house in the pitch black with a torch, peering out, getting into ‘you hurt my family and I’ll get you’ mode. Until I realised what was actually happening. Then I was like, oh, ok. Nobody is closing in on the house. 😀

We went on a local walk yesterday morning, it was so nice, it really is stunning around here. Here’s a couple of pictures and goodbye for now!


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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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