Fire needs oxygen and fuel to burn, Fire creates change – This tunnel is at Magna in Rotherham. It got me as soon as I saw it and thought of the perhaps obvious verse (if you read the bible) of “our God is a consuming fire” (Hebrews 12:29).

Fire in general to me both fascinates and terrifies me. The thought of it in a home terrifies me, it spreads so quickly and often gets out of hand before anyone notices. We once left some wood too close to our wood burner and it hadn’t even ignited when we realised but had already filled our house with smoke. The only reason I realised was because Chris and I had an argument and I was awake brooding and smelt the smoke. (The argument didn’t seem relevant after that haha).

But also, like many people I also love setting and lighting fires, love the smell of burning wood, love watching the flames, they are just mesmerising, a fire can destroy or a fire can clear the way for future growth, a fire can also purify. I believe farmers sometimes burn fields to get them ready for the following year. There’s also the story of a silversmith who holds the piece of silver in the fire to remove impurities and has to hold it and watch it the whole time, he knows when it is purified, because it is when he sees his reflection in it.

There’s also Malachi 3:3 – He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, and he will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver, and they will bring offerings in righteousness to the Lord

(This isn’t going to be a very deep or researched post – I’ve got the baby throwing himself at me at every opportunity and trying to attack/sit on the keyboard)

When I was a new Christian and going through some tough times and felt very alone, someone sent me the analogy about the silver smith, the part about how he never took his eyes off the silver in the fire really spoke to me about God and who he is and his heart for us. No matter what we are going through, he is still with us, always…always holding us too.

Also, in relation to the start of the post, fire needs oxygen and fuel, this had me thinking? are we the fuel? or does it just relate to God? Is he the fuel and the oxygen too? Maybe the Holy Spirit is the oxygen. There is a worship song that comes to mind with the words “you are the air I breath”… he is, I sometimes take a deep breath and feel as if I am inhaling his goodness again, his love. It is good (good is a very underated word). I used to think it was insipid, but it most definitely is not.

Bye for now…baby needs me…:)