Not stressed again

But strangely yesterday I had two short moments of what felt like pure terror. Literally seconds long but both were when I was in our house and I was looking around and suddenly froze and felt really scared when I realised we really were leaving. Think I’d be a bit weird though if I never had any moments like that.

That scripture I put up, two days ago, about Jesus not giving as the world gives really helps me. I can just read it and think about it and sit with God and it all becomes right again. Everything becomes still and calm again.

Another one is from the beginning of John where He says ” …and in Him was life and the life was the light of men. Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it” – that’s always one to remember. The darkness does not and will not overcome the light, no matter how much it feels like it does. Jesus is the victor.

I’ve also realised that the blog has a tendency to be a little (just a little) one sided. As in mainly from my perspective, so I may be putting a couple of posts up to do with Chris, in the future – blokey Thursday??? Hahaha. Maybe!

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A Jesus follower who with her family are attempting (probably comically) to start a different type of life in a totally different place, but starting where we are and rolling with it and seeking God all the way, well trying to... #theshepherdsadventure

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